Payment Management Platform for the Travel Industry.

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SWAPPT is a Payment Management Platform which is a hub designed with Smart Routing features and provides all-in-one access to a wide range of payment service providers.

Following a confirmed booking, a payment instruction is triggered and sent automatically to the corresponding payment service providers, based on the travel company's pre-arranged preferences specified in the Swappt platform.

Fully Automated

Following a confirmed booking, Swappt triggers a payment instruction based on your pre-configured choice and terms. Every booking is mapped to a transaction which eliminates all the manual processes and makes it easy to track and integrate with any accounting and reporting systems.

Collect and Charge

Swappt works both ways, not only the paying travel companies but also the Suppliers can benefit from different fund collection options and a Dashboard to track all the pending payments. Just connect and see the status of all bank transfers and Virtual Credit Cards with the due dates. Swappt can charge to these cards automatically when the payment is due or allows you to charge by only one-click.

All in One

You can easily remove the barriers to global business. Travel companies can have all-in-one access to a wide range of payment service providers offering Virtual Credit Cards, SEPA, SWIFT, international transfers, e-Wallets and FX conversions.

All in one
Smart Routing

Swappt Platform is a configurable hub of integrations with a decision manager tool. You can choose the specific payment method for each of your suppliers and route the payments in a most standardized, secure and PCI compliant way.


Automated rules
Automated Rules

You can set rules to trigger splits or make partial payments on deferred dates for your suppliers.

Competitive Exchange Rates

Our integrations with a network of premium providers delivers an access to a range of competitive rates around the world even allowing you to micro-hedge your future payments from today.


Only one API connection and the travel companies can have access to several payment integrations without lifting a finger.


Swappt Dashboard provides a real-time overview of all the transactions and it is the simplest way to analyze your payment activity per payment method, currency and status.

Support team
Support Team

We have a dedicated team available anytime via Slack or email. We are here to make sure your trading partner relations are seamless.

Fast and simple
Fast and simple onboarding

Super smooth onboarding thanks to our pre-built integrations. Travel companies can open global multicurrency accounts or keep using their existing accounts and start operating seamlessly in 130 countries.

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