Connecting Merchants to the Payments Industry with a single integration.

XML Travelgate newest and brightest e-tool enables Merchants to access any payment method anywhere in the world with a single integration.

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We bet you have been experiencing complex PSP intergations, costly and unflexible to your needs.


A seemless backend Integration that makes adding or switching payment providers extremely easy.

SWAPPT is partnering with the greatest providers in the market and so bringing to you the latest technology, payment methods and adaptability to any region you want to be in. A reliable feature that will certainly increase your e-commerce traffic in a very cost-effective way.

  • Paypal
  • Sofort
  • BBVA
  • Instant Credit
  • Redsys
  • Redsys


It is not just about giving the right access to payment methods, but also ensuring the traffic coming through them is secure. With our solution our clients can easily manage their anti fraud and risk strategy.


Data analysis is also important to us, this is why SWAPPT has carefully designed and developed a Business Intelligence tool, enabling clients to analyse every inch of available data to the maximum.


Have you ever thought about getting the right support when it comes to payments? SWAPPT has put together a group of Experts to advise our clients when designing the overall payment strategy.


Some of the leading players who, through SWAPPT, assist merchants in meeting their challenges and boosting their business opportunities.

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